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Agile ++: When Agile Goes Well

LMAX might be famous for having created one of the fastest intra-thread messaging frameworks around. You might even know that we literally wrote the book on Continuous Delivery. But none of that answers the question of how we actually do what we do.

Agile from the beginning, the technology team took a lot of ideas from places like ThoughtWorks and grew, adapted and changed them until they became a hybrid monster of agile. And guess what? It actually works.

We’ll talk you through the agile processes and tools we use; we’ll cover how we got to where we are today; we’ll give examples of what does and does not work for us, and we’ll show how agile has spread well beyond the technology team and into the whole business.

This session is for anyone interested in agile methodologies. It shows:

  • What a dedicated investment in agile can give your organisation
  • How you can evolve your current agile processes
  • What challenges still face those who are “doing agile” effectively.


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