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Devoxx UK 2013, LONDON

26th and 27th March 2013

Getting Kids To Code with Java and Greenfoot

As software professionals, we are all aware of the importance of programming and computer science as skills for our discipline and society in general. We also know how important it is to get into contact with computing early in life to be able to make an informed career choice to go into the discipline. And thirdly, we know that many schools are not doing a great job in teaching computing to kids at the age where it really matters. (And this is, scarily, almost independent of the country you come from.)

In this talk we present Greenfoot, a Java-based educational programming environment for kids to learn object-oriented programming in an engaging way. With Greenfoot, kids from about 14 years upwards can create games and simulations in their first hour of contact, and quickly advance to interesting projects, including programming with Gamepads or the Kinect. We will present tools and teaching material that you can take directly into a school or programming club to get kids to start coding.


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