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Size Matters - the smallest Atom publisher in the world


Atom pub and RSS are two of most common data formats used in the Internet content publishing. The syntax of these format are described in XML, a markup language to describe hierarchical models that can be mapped to data models used by Object Oriented Languages, such as Java. The easy mapping between XML data and Java Classes inspired the development of several frameworks to handle the marshaling of Java Objects in to XML documents and the counter part unmarshalling of XML documents as Java Objects.

Aside the easiness of the mechanical conversion between Java and XML, the semantics of the different version of RSS and Atom Pub models forced the web feed publishers to care about the order and the type of the elements in the feed documents. Borned sophisticated frameworks such as Rome and others. These frameworks supported feed formats in Java for the last few years, but recent enhancements in the JDK offer a fresh view on this topic.

The inclusion of JAXB in the JDK distribution allowed us to consume and to publish RSS and ATOM pub formats with a few lines of code - no third part dependencies at all. This presentation demonstrates step by step how to publish and to consume Atom and RSS feeds using only the Java API in a microscopical code size.


Felipe Gaúcho is one of the strongest voices of Brazilian Java, a certified Java developer with more than ten years of experience in J2SE, Java EE and system integration.

Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence with solid background in Software development and also academic instruction, Felipe works nowadays in Zürich, Switzerland - from where he continues to support his former community as JUG Leader.

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