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See you @ Devoxx 2009, November 16th till 20th!

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It&#39;s time to make a decision | <b>Devoxx</b>
At Devoxx, we'll be looking back and forward. For some companies, it is time to decide when and how to migrate to Java EE 7. For the Java Community Process, it is time to decide what should go in Java EE 8. While the Call for Papers is open ...
<b>Devoxx</b> registrations now open! | <b>Devoxx</b>
Devoxx registrations now open! Join the Devoxx pilgrimage to Belgium on November 10th til 14th and get inspired by Rock Star speakers, hallway discussions, informal evening sessions and just enjoy one week of completely geek-ing out!
Mobile Is Still Hot | <b>Devoxx</b>
Mobile Is Still Hot. 7 years ago we saw the release of the first Android phone and iPhone. During these 7 years, we've iterated through numerous versions of the Android OS and iOS. We've seen the hardware evolve in terms of CPU, screen ...
<b>Devoxx</b>, the JVM and its languages | <b>Devoxx</b>
It's this time of the year again, the Devoxx 2014 call for paper is open. Once again, we have a track dedicated to alternate languages on the Java Virtual Machine. When I say or hear �Java� these days, it often refers to the amazing piece of ...
<b>Devoxx</b> UK 2014: the video | royvanrijn
Devoxx UK 2014: the video. By royvanrijn On June 18, 2014 � Leave a Comment � In Java Programming, Videography. I've been filming again at Devoxx UK, here is the final cut: ...
Entrepreneurship at <b>Devoxx</b> | <b>Devoxx</b>
Both JavaPolis and Devoxx have already welcomed many very successful entrepreneurs, I thought I would include a few pictures in this blog post� do you (still) recognise them? I strongly believe that a community event like Devoxx should ...
<b>Devoxx</b> UK 2014 � One does Like to Code | Roberto Cortez Java Blog
I was in London between 12 and 13 June to attend the second edition of Devoxx UK. The conference was first scheduled to take place in April, but was later moved on to June. I guess it was a good call, since it was so close in ...
Last week at <b>Devoxx</b> UK | Bitcraze
Like we mentioned a couple of weeks ago we went to Devoxx UK last week exhibiting the Crazyflie. We got a chance to do lots of fun things, like flying the FPV quad in the keynote and also over the exhibition floor. The image ...
<b>Devoxx</b> CFP now open, share your passion! | <b>Devoxx</b>
Share your passion, demonstrate your knowledge and tools and reach out to the Devoxx community @ The new Call For Papers application does require a new login but you can use your GitHub or Google accounts to ...
Review: <b>Devoxx</b> UK 2014 | royvanrijn
A year ago Devoxx crossed an ocean for the first time. After all the events in Belgium (Antwerp) and France (Paris) a new satellite event was launched in the UK (London). And here I am again, in a London hotel room, after two ...
<b>Devoxx</b>, infinite possibilities | <b>Devoxx</b>
Devoxx, infinite possibilities. We're excited to announce our new website where you can find practical info about Devoxx (see also our FAQ page) including links to our Call For Papers and Registration page, and eventually our schedule.
The web, still not beaten! | <b>Devoxx</b>
This year at Devoxx we again have a lot of focus on the Web and related technologies. Web development is hot and if you follow the blogs and technology websites, you will see new developments in this area daily. Frameworks, tools, libraries ...
<b>Devoxx</b> 2013: What makes Groovy groovy? - Guillaume Laforge
Devoxx 2013: What makes Groovy groovy? Posted on 20 June, 2014 (1 month ago). At Devoxx 2013, I gave my "What makes Groovy groovy?" talk, and Parleys has just posted this video online for free. Enjoy!
<b>Devoxx</b> in Pictures! | Push Technology
It's day two of Devoxx and it's been quite the event so far. Here are a few snapshots so you can see what's been happening� image1. image2. image3. image4. image5. image6. image7. image8. image9. image10.
Secured Architectures | <b>Devoxx</b>
Secured Architectures. Not a week goes by without the discovery of a new security vulnerability or an online service losing customer data following an attack. Just remember the heartbleed bug, a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL ...
A big and cloudy winter | <b>Devoxx</b>
A big and cloudy winter. Winter is coming and it looks like it will be BIG and very cloudy. But you can prepare by submitting your �Cloud and Big Data� talk to the CFP. Due to the competition between the major players the prices for cloud ...
Eric D. Schabell: <b>Devoxx</b> BE 2014 - proposals submitted to Call for <b>...</b>
Devoxx BE 2014 - proposals submitted to Call for Papers (CFP). This years Devoxx BE 2014 will be on November 10th - 14th in Antwerp, Belgium. It is the biggest Java event in Europe and I have been attending, speaking, ...
Diffusion@<b>Devoxx</b> | Push Technology
Last week a significant number of the Push engineering team attended Devoxx where Push were silver sponsors for the first time. This was a great event, not only allowing us to talk about the cool stuff we have been working ...
Bonjour <b>Devoxx</b> France. Win a Free Pass! | JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Blog
Devoxx France is an annual developer conference organized by the Paris JUG featuring renowned local and international speakers, with 75% of the talks being in French and 25% in English. This year the conference takes ...
<b>Devoxx</b> UK 2014: Mind the Geek (And Win Free Tickets!) | Push <b>...</b>
That time of year has arrived! Devoxx UK is back�and it's going to be bigger and better than ever. Running on the 12th and 13th June at the Business Design Center in Angel, London, Devoxx will include presentations and ...

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