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Groovy and Grails in Action


Groovy is a very popular dynamic language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. It provides modern features inspired by other dynamic languages to Java developers, while at the same time bringing great integration with the Java platform. On top of Groovy, Spring and Hibernate, Grails builds a top-notch agile web development environment for quickly creating enterprise-grade web applications.

In this University, you will discover both Groovy and Grails, learn about their respective features, and how you can leverage them in your everyday developer life.
For the Groovy tour, we'll be speaking about Groovy's syntax, its support for closures, its APIs, its meta-programming capabilities, and how to integrate Groovy in your Java-based applications. On the Grails side of the workshop, we'll be covering Grails' architecture, its domain model, controllers, views and service classes, how transparent persistance is achieved, how to modularize views with tag libraries, and more.


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