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Developing composite, multi-language portlets with NetBeans and Eclipse

In this session, participants will learn how to develop JSR 286 (Portlet 2.0) compliant widgets using extensions in NetBeans and Eclipse provided by the Portal Pack project ( and Special emphasis will be made on the newer features of the portlet spec, including eventing, shared render parameters, portlet filters, resource serving, and others. These new features make it possible to build highly interactive composite applications which can then be deployed to any compliant container.

In addition to building Java portlets, participants will also learn how to build composite portlets in Ruby, PHP, and Groovy scripting languages. These composite applications can be linked to other applications written in any language, utilizing the same Java standard (JSR 286), without the developer knowing the details of the standard, nor must they know how to write Java.

Finally, supporting features of Portal Pack will be explored, including:

  • Eventing Storyboard for JSR 286 Eventing and shared render parameters
  • Building Visual JSF portlets using IDE palettes
  • Building custom workflow or CMS applications using SAW and Mirage
  • Portlet 1.0/2.0 taglib code auto completion
  • Drag & Drop support for Filter Mapping and Public Render Parameters
  • Deployment to different portlet containers, including on Project WebSynergy
  • Multiple locales and languages


Satya Ranjan, a member of the Sun Portal Server development engineering team, has been with Sun since 2004. He has around 8 years of experience in software development. Currently he is leading the Portal Pack project hosted on You can find him blogging on various topics at

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