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Building Java Projects With Gradle


At the moment most Java projects use either Ant or Maven as their build system. Yet the ever increasing requirements on project automation are often very difficult to implement with Ant or Maven. Dynamic languages like Groovy offer complete new ways to implement a build system which runs on the JVM.

Gradle is a Groovy based build system which makes use of this new possibilities. It combines the flexibility of Ant with a build-by-convention approach a la Maven. But both implemented in a more powerful way.

In this session we will start with a simple build and then step by step introduce Gradle's power features: its dependency management based on Apache Ivy, its powerful multi-project build support, its elegant integration of Ant tasks and much more.


Hans Dockter is an independent consultant and trainer. Amongst other things he work for Skills Matter, a UK based training company specialized on open source technologies. He is the founder and project lead of Gradle, a new open source build system. In the past years he has worked as a senior developer for Krugle and Volkswagen. In the early days he has been also a committer for the JBoss project and founded the JBoss-IDE.

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