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Java EE 7 and EJB 3.2, what made it and what got the axe

In many non-technical regards, Java EE 7 is quite special. Previous
Java EE versions were developed entirely in a closed forum and simply
emerged from the cave in various near-complete forms with little
insight or explanation as to how the group arrived to the finished
product. Times have changed, for the better, and Java EE 7 is the
first major Java EE version to be developed completely in the open.
This session celebrates that openness and ability to discuss what goes
on in developing standards by putting you in the spec lead's seat and
diving into some of the more interesting proposals that were presented
in Java EE 7 and EJB 3.2; some that made it and some that didn't.
Which would you keep, cut or hold till .next? Did we make the right
call? You be the judge!


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