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The Devoxx™ University days take place from Monday November 12th till Tuesday 13th and includes in-depth talks.
University attendees can also enjoy the Tools in Action presentations in the late afternoon!



Faster Websites Crash Course on Frontend Performance
First steps with Scala
From Runnable and synchronized() to parallel() and atomically()
HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps
Important Android Stuff
Intro to iOS6 for Java Developers
Java Social JSR, it's alive
JavaFX Bootstrap
JavaFX uni session
Modular Architecture Today
Modular Java EE in the Cloud A Practical Guide to Modularity in the Cloud Age.
Performance Optimization Methodology
Play Framework - Crash Course
Scala advanced concepts and best practices
The newest JAX-RS and JPA Features
To ATDD and beyond! Better Automated Acceptance Testing on the JVM
Uni Day 2
What's new in Grails 2.x
See also the Exhibition Floor Plan (open from Tuesday til Thursday)

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