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Tools in Action

Tools in Action are 30 minute talks during the Devoxx™ University days (Monday/Tuesday) in the later afternoon.
Here speakers get the opportunity to demonstrate a Java tool that they've created and are passionate about!

People attending the Tools in Action presentations can of course also enjoy the University sessions (and vice-avers)!


Tools in Action Talks

10 Months of MongoDB at Nokia Entertainment Bristol
Android DDD (Diet Driven Development)!
Android Tools in Action
Blast your webapp with Gatling
Code injection in Android
Connect ALM tools thanks to the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration specification
CRaSH an extensible command line for the JVM
FastOQL - Fast Object Queries for Hibernate
Hacking the Java compiler for fun and profit
How to solve memory leaks within minutes with Plumbr
Hybrid mobile application development using Apache Cordova
Introducing PersistIt Open-source Java, Key-Value Storage that Beats Native Alternatives
Introduction to JavaFX Scenic View
JavaFX on Smart Embedded Devices
JDK 8 demo Lambdas in Action
JUnit Rules
Maven dependency puzzlers
Measuring performance and capacity planning in Java-based data grids
NoSQLUnit. Testing your NoSQL databases.
Raise Your Java EE 6 Productivity Bar With JBoss Forge
Rapid Application Development with Play 2
Testacular - Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript
Weld-OSGi in action
‘Back to the Future’ – Taking Arduino back to its Java roots to move forward
See also the Exhibition Floor Plan (open from Tuesday til Thursday)
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