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The bugs are building another Death Star

The bugs are building another Death Star. What's our invasion plan?

Bugs don't rest when you go to sleep. In fact, you should worry most when they are left alone. They are tireless creatures, hard at work to destroy your home. In software, it's no different. We are at constant war with bugs. News flash, the bugs are building another Death Star and we're just standing by! Let's plot an invasion plan during this moderated discussion on the topic of enterprise testing.

There are all kinds of bugs, ranging from logic errors to security holes. With so many types of bugs working to destroy our software, how can we expect to defend it with a one type of testing and marginal effort? What if car makers told us, "It should be safe. We tested most of the parts individually." Dare to drive?

Instead, we need to put those dummies in the car and crash it into the wall a bunch of times. What's that called? Real tests.

We'll discuss human errors, integration failures, performance bottlenecks, memory leaks, vulnerabilities and other flaws in software, then see who's testing for them and which tools, strategies and methodologies they are using. What we're likely to find is that there are many more ways for software to fail than to succeed, yet we're caught coding for a peaceful world.

What's preventing you from invading? What do you need to take action? If you are, what are you using? Is it working for you? Do you need more juice in your ray gun? Can we automate everything or do we still need human test pilots? Let's strike back!


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