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The Chrome Dev Tools can do THAT?!

Your browser is one of the most and best instrumented development platforms - you may just not realize it yet. Of course, you can inspect the source, walk the DOM, fiddle with the CSS, and even evaluate some Javascript expressions, but there is so much more! There are dozens of power tools at your disposal:

  • Remote debugging capabilities (hint: debug your mobile apps on your desktop)
  • Powerful JavaScript debugger and profiler
  • CPU, memory, CSS layout and GPU profilers
  • Built-in network monitoring tools: monitor at socket level
  • SourceMaps, pretty print, revision control and autosave
  • Data export and import: HAR, timeline, snapshots
  • Custom extensions, customizable stylesheets, and so much more..

There is nothing more important than having great tools and visibility into where your performance bottlenecks are, as well as to help you debug those gnarly bugs. Come by and learn about all the great capabilities of Chrome Dev Tools!


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