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Starting off Vaadin 7 on the right foot

In this session, we'll create a simple Vaadin 7 CRUD application. This talk begins with a short introduction on Vaadin's architecture. Then, we'll begin developing the application step by step, each step bringing an additional concept into play. At first, we'll create the project itself. This will let us detail how this could be done in Eclipse. Then, we'll go on to add a login window with fields and button: here, we'll detail how Vaadin uses event oriented programmation. Two option are available, one using interfaces, the other introspection, each will be discussed for pros and cons. This will be the time to have a look at layouts. At this time, a word will be said about Single Page Interface applications and we'll see how to change our screen content. Finally, we'll connect our UI layer to a database with various means (pure JDBC, Hibernate and/or JPA) and display the database content to the user. This will be the chance to have a look at some powerful Vaadin abstractions like Container and Item.


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