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Play Framework - Crash Course

Play Framework, the popular Java and Scala web framework was launched only half a year ago but it’s fair to say that it has taken the JVM web development community by storm. In this university session the Play core team will teach you how to get the best out of Play including a session about “Real world application development techniques” and another that will introduce you to “Realtime Web Programming”

Play Development techniques in the Real World

(Peter Hausel, Typesafe)

In the first half of the session, you will learn about a few subjects that every Play! developer should know about, such as:

  • Best practices regarding deployment & project setup
  • Creating your own Play project templates
  • Defining routes in multiple files
  • Writing and using plugins
  • Understanding application extension hooks
  • How to take advantage of play front-end tech support
  • Managing assets pipeline
  • Effective testing

This session will contain an application-walkthrough as well as some live coding.

Playframework: Real Time Web for the JVM

(Sadek Drobi & Guillaume Bort, Zenexity)

Play is a modern web application framework built on top of the JVM and features simplicity and high scalability on top of its web-friendly architecture. One of the major focuses of the Play framework is supporting Real-time web apps, which are apps that provide continuous bidirectional client/server communication using technologies like WebSockets, Server-sent events and Comet.

Realtime Web opens a new horizon of possibilities and opportunities for web applications, and by avoiding traditional polling-based approaches, an app can use less resources, be more responsive, and provide a better user experience for a large variety of client browsers and devices.

Combined with other components of Play's infrastructure such as the reactive programming model and the strong and performant foundation of the JVM, the end result is a straightforward and robust programming model which scales easily and provides support for a wide variety of applications.

This talk will explore the capabilities present in a Real-time web app, and will offer insight into how Play framework applications are developed compared to other frameworks which you may already be working with.


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