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Hackergarten Hands-On Coding Event

This session is your chance to contribute to the open source projects you've been learning about. Instead of a presentation, we will come together with several open source experts and write a plugin, a small feature, or a bug fix for a project that interests you. This is your chance to get involved with opens source and learn how to make a difference for the projects you're passionate about. Bring your laptop and your ideas; everyone is welcome.

These are just some of the experts that have participated in the past: Hans Dockter (Gradle Lead), Andres Almiray (Java Champion, Griffon Lead, and Groovy Committer), Stephen Chin (Java Champion, JavaFX and Android Expert), Hamlet D'Arcy (CodeNarc and Groovy Committer), Peter Gromov (IntelliJ IDEA guru).


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