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The Devoxx™ Conference days takes place from Wednesday November 14th till Friday 16th including BOFs and Quickies.


Conference Talks

50 Tips in 50 Minutes for GlassFish Fans
7 Things How to make good teams great
A Whirlwind Tour JBoss
Agile ++ When Agile Goes Well
An analysis of CVE-2012-2122, MySQL authentication
Android Burning Questions
Annotation Features in JDK 8
Apache TomEE, Java EE 6 Web Profile on Tomcat
Architecture All the Way Down
Bean Validation 1.1 it's not Beansland anymore
Behaviour Driven Development on the JVM - a State of the Union
Bootstrapping Android Apps with Open Source
Building Amazing Applications with JavaFX
Building Modular Applications with Enterprise OSGi
Closures and Collections - the World After Eight
Cloud Robotics
Clustering your application with Hazelcast
Code but not as we know it - Infrastructure as code
Conf Day 3
Conf Day 4
Connecting an enterprise’s Java based reporting infrastructure to data
Defensible Development with Secure HTTP Headers
Defragmenting mobile HTML5 web apps
Designing REST-ful APIs with Spring 3
Developers - Prima Donnas of the 21st Century
Disruptive Media
Do you like coffee with your dessert Java and the Raspberry Pi
Eclipse An Application Lifecycle Management Success Story
Effective Dependency Injection
Effective Scala
Engineering Elegance The Secrets of Square's Stack
Exploring Ceylon in Eclipse
Fast UIs for the mobile web
For Butter or Worse
Fork Join, lambda & parallel() parallel computing made (too ) easy
Functional Compilers From CFG to EXE
G1 Garbage Collector - Big Heaps and Low Pauses
Gamestorming for Software Developers
Getting kids to code with Java and Greenfoot
Google Drive SDK
Having fun with Android mashups
Home Automation for Geeks
How to build Big Data Pipelines for Hadoop using OSS
J2ObjC - A Java to iOS Objective-C translation tool and runtime.
Java EE 7, Infinite Extensibility meets Infinite Reuse
JavaFX Mashups
JavaPosse LIVE
JavaScript for Java Developers
Javascript Unit testing & Build integration
JBoss Announcement
JSR 353 Java API for JSON Processing
JSR 356 The Java API for WebSocket
Make the Future Java
mgwt - GWT goes mobile
Mobile Applications Development Lifecycle
Modern Software Development Anti-Patterns
Nashorn Optimizing JavaScript and Dynamic Language Execution on the JVM
NFC, Arduino, Raspberry PI, Android and NodsJS Case-Study
OAuth 2 and Identity
On the road to JDK 8 Lambda, parallel libraries, and more
On the road to JDK 8 Lambda, parallel libraries, and more!
OpenShift State of the Union
Progress at, a Java based e-Learning platform
Progressing, a Java based e-Learning platform
Progressive Enhancement for Mobile Web Performance
Putting Kotlin to the test
Putting the App back into Web Apps Building the modern web with Dart
Re-imagining the browser with AngularJS
Real World Java EE
Robots That Care
Search, the Final Frontier
Securing the client side Building safe web applications with HTML5
Security Testing Android with Mercury
Security vulnerabilities in Java SE
Service Versioning in SOA and Cloud
Simplicity in Scala Design
Smart, Small, Connected Java in the Internet of Things
Spring 3.2 and 3.2 Themes and Trends
The Chrome Dev Tools can do THAT
The Evolution of Java Persistence
The JBoss Polyglot Revolution - Be part of it!
The JCP program More that 101 ways to influence the future of the Java Platform
The present and the future of JAX-RS and Jersey
The Problem With Women A Technical Approach
TinkerForge Integrating Fun External Devices Via Java
Unitils Full stack testing solution for enterpise applications
Up up and Out Scaling software with Akka
Using Java for robotics with Aldebaran's humanoid robot NAO
Using Spring in Scala
Vaadin 7
Welcome & Announcements
What's New in Android Developers’ Tools
What's new in Groovy 2.0
What's new with Android
What's new with Google App Engine and Compute Engine
What’s New in JavaFX
When Geek Leaks
Writing Your Own JavaFX UI Controls
See also the Exhibition Floor Plan (open from Tuesday til Thursday)
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