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Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) sessions are smaller and more informal than technical and business sessions. They are typically led by one or two speakers and are held in the evenings. Some BOFs may open with a short presentation followed by a question-and-answer section, while others take the form of open, "round-table" discussions about particular topics of interest to the Java technology developer community.


BOF Sessions

A Decade of Shipwrecks The Past, Present, and Future of Builds
Adopt OpenJDK and Adopt a JSR
Android Custom Components
ArduPilot an Introduction to UAVs
Building a Clojure Google+ Client Library
Duchess meetup and unconference
Hacking JavaFX TableView
Java EE Gathering
JAX-RS 2.0 Status & Directions
JBoss Application Server - Community BOF
JDK 7 Updates Director's Cut
JUG Leaders BOF
Les Cast Codeurs Podcast
Migrating Real-World Million-Line Code Bases to Java 7 Lessons Learned
OpenJDK Community Update
Scala Enthusiasts Gathering
Scala Puzzlers
The bugs are building another Death Star
The Fascinating World of NAO
The new Android Build System
The next evolution of apps with Chrome
The second coming of JUGs
The Spring BOF
Tools for Java EE 7 Evolution or Revolution
Why JRuby and TorqueBox Belong in Your Java Tool Box
See also the Exhibition Floor Plan (open from Tuesday til Thursday)
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