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Meet us in Antwerp, November 12th-16th 2012, MetroPolis - Belgium

WWW: World Wide Wait? A Performance Comparison of Java Web Frameworks


Are you in need for speed? Did you ever have to meet SLA defined response times for your web application? What about designing for scalability? Conducting load tests can help you answer those questions, but load testing an application is a lot harder than it seems. Many pitfalls lurk around the corner. A solid approach and a clear performance model are key when performing these tests and interpreting the results. You better know what to expect! Choosing the right framework can make your job as a developer a nightmare or a breeze! Choosing the wrong one can burn a hole in your pocket.

Ladies & gentlemen, fasten your seat belts! In this talk we let 4 frameworks compete for the title of fastest and most scalable java web framework: JSF, GWT, SpringMVC and Wicket. You'll gain the necessary insights to build a performance model, define a method to perform and interpret the tests and we will look beyond raw response times alone. So you will be armed when having to respond to the 'how do we scale' question next time.


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WWW World Wide Wait A Performance Comparison of Java Web Frameworks

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