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Meet us in Antwerp, November 12th-16th 2012, MetroPolis - Belgium

PhoneGap for Hybrid App Development


There's a storm brewing between Web-based and native app developers and it's time to pick a side... or is it? In this session, Brian LeRoux will show how a hybrid approach to mobile app development speeds up and improves the native development process. He'll demonstrate the benefits of prototyping with HTML, CSS and JavaScript; he'll compare Web-based and native app development pitfalls; and he'll share top tips for building successful hybrid apps that marry native code with the web.

Using the PhoneGap open source framework, Brian will also demonstrate how to work with native extensions using platform features, and will show you how to turn a w3c widget into a native app for 6 platforms in 5 minutes or less. Join Brian to learn how you can reduce app development headaches by going hybrid!


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