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Meet us in Antwerp, November 12th-16th 2012, MetroPolis - Belgium

Building Android apps with Maven


Android has got its own "official" build tools, provided by Google. They are good for a quickstart, but what happens when you engage with a larger application? What about your software factory practices, such as Continuous Integration, static analysis, test coverage? A possibile solution is to use Maven: just set up your Android project like any other Java project you manage with Maven. The maven-android-plugin provides whatever you need for creating and testing Android apps - and you'll be able to use your favourite IDE (Eclipse, NetBeans, IDEA).

The talk will quickly introduce some Maven concepts, then move on to describe the maven-android-plugin. Some practical examples about how to build a complex, modular Android app will be given, based on the experience of the author with an open source application, completely managed with a state-of-the-art software factory featuring Hudson, Cobertura, automatic release and so on.


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