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Introducing Scimpi


Scimpi is an extensible web viewer that builds upon the capabilities of the Naked Objects framework. Whereas the viewers that ship with Naked Objects always provide a default view of the domain objects, Scimpi does all this too but then lets the developer modify the view as required using a selection of powerful taglibs.

The end result is a development environment that rivals (exceeds?) the productivity of Rails coupled with the familiarity and robustness of the Java platform. Moreover, your domain model need not be deployed only to the web; Naked Objects also supports other viewers (including RESTful viewers) and client/server remoting, as well as Fitnesse-based testing capabiliities.


Dan Haywood has 20 years' experience as a consultant, writer, and trainer, offering advice on domain-driven design and agile development practices for both the Java and .NET platforms. He has been working with Naked Objects since 2002 and is a committer to the Naked Objects framework; he is also the lead of a number of sister open source projects. He has also recently completed a book on the topic, "Domain Driven Design using Naked Objects".

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