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Advanced Artifacts Management with Artifactory


Artifactory is an enterprise Repository Manager for your Maven and other binary artifacts, now available in both Open Source and Cloud-based versions.

In this demo-centric session, we present new methods for managing your build artifacts and third-party dependencies using Artifactory's unique features.

By attaching metadata to your artifacts and artifact containers (e.g.:version folders), we show you how to open up unlimited possibilities for managing and controlling the artifacts you use in your daily work, including: promotion and demotion, staging, licensing, assigning quality metrics, using ratings, and so on.

We also demonstrate a complete, holistic approach toward artifacts management by integrating your artifacts repository manager with your CI server, we will show how your build can be automatically linked to the artifacts it produced and to the dependencies used.

Finally,this session briefly covers some of the commercially available add-ons that can be installed on top of the OSS Artifactory version to enable:

  • Smart searches:for collecting and manipulating "shopping carts" of artifacts
  • User-defined property sets of structured properties: to create UIs for tagging and searching of artifacts
  • Focused artifact watches and events
  • Automatic jar signing and WebStart/JavaFx deployment
  • Integration with existing enterprise SSO solutions


Frederic Simon

Frederic's software development experience goes back to 1992. He has been a Java (SE and EE) architect and consultant since 1999.
Founded AlphaCSP (pure Java consulting firm) in 1998. In 2008, Frederic founded JFrog Ltd. in which he acts as the Chief Architect.
Over these years, Frederic led Java Server Side development projects in large scale European and Israeli organizations.

Open Source Activities Involvement and Projects

  • Artifactory, Maven Anno Mojo, Jade Plugins, Dependency Analyzer and Java Shell, fan4idea* The realistic, sky rendering
  • Java 7 playground project ,where he implemented the "abstract enum" language change

Yoav Landman

Yoav is a Java professional with over 10 years of hands-on experience. Founded JFrog Ltd., in which he acts as the development lead.
Yoav acted as a Java Consultant at AlphaCSP (a pure Java consulting firm) for over eight years. He managed and expedited large-scale Java-based projects with clients, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.
Before that, Yoav held various technical lead and management positions in Versata Inc. (Australia), SMS Consulting (Australia), and Attunity Ltd. (Israel).

Open Source Activities Involvement and Projects

  • Started Artifactory OS project in late 2006
  • Worked on development-supporting OS projects such as Maven Anno Mojo (common annotation-based Maven plug-ins framework, used by projects like JAXB), Jade plug-ins, and Dependency Analyzer

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