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In conjunction with JavaOne San Francisco 2013, Oracle and the Java Community did recognize Devoxx4Kids for their creative and innovative uses of Java technology and awarded the entire Devoxx4Kids team, all over the world, with a Duke's Choice Award 2013 (more..).

Why ?

Searching the Internet for tutorials on how to teach Computer Programming to children aged between 10 and 14 years (in a language other than English) and willing to show to their own children that it is possible to do something more creative with computers than just watching YouTube videos or reading comments on Facebook, some members of the DEVOXX team started in 2012 the Devoxx4Kids initiative.


The goal of Devoxx4Kids is to allow children to be more creative with computers and teach them Computer Programming while having fun.

How ?

To accomplish this, the Devoxx4Kids team organizes sessions where children can develop computer games, program robots and also have an introduction to electronics.
Teachers are computer professionals that are volunteering to spend some of their free time to transmit their passion to children.

Where ?

Since the very first edition of Devoxx4Kids Belgium in 2012 with a session in Dutch (Gent) and a session in French (Brussels), the initiative expanded quickly (France, Holland, UK, Denmark, Canada, etc.) and other equivalent initiatives organized by other JUGs (Java User Group) moved forward.

See the Countries Page for the Devoxx4Kids initiative near you and the Media page to feel the ambiance of Devoxx4Kids sessions.

Can I ?

Any tutorial used by the Devoxx4Kids organization is freely available in open source on the Devoxx4Kids web site.
Presentations and videos are also available on the dedicated Devoxx4Kids Parleys Channel
Everybody, at school, in a neighborhood, region or country can use all this material to initiate children to Computer Programming.



Brazil TBA


  • Toronto: TBA


  • Århus : 2013-10-06
  • Copenhagen : 2013-05-26


Germany TBA


Malaysia TBA


Hosted by: The DMC-College Foundation, Inc. (DMCCFI) College of Computer Studies
In Partnership with : Jedi4Kids



See the Countries Page page for more details.

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